Free Text (SMS) Marketing Tools You Can Use To Produce Extra Profits Quickly And Cheaply

Texting is so effective as a marketing tool because it’s the number one use of a mobile device, and research has shown 97% of text messages are responded to within three minutes of delivery, and the other 3% within hours.

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If you’re already familiar with text (sms) marketing, you can test-drive our powerful system using your 50 FREE credits.

If you aren’t, let us share with you some of the benefits of our text system. You can use it to:

  1. Capture your customers’ and prospects’ cell numbers, names, and birth dates automatically, so you can market to them monthly, weekly or even daily. When you have 500 or more Fan Club members that you can contact quickly and expensively (for as little as 1.1 cents per message), you can create cash on demand. Imagine eliminating your frustrating cash-flow problems once and for all.

  2. Send a message to hundreds of customers as easily as to one person whether immediately or at a specified date and time in the future.

  3. Send happy birthday wishes to your customers a certain number of days before their birthdays to build stronger relationships with them.

  4. Confirm your customers’ reservations to minimize the number of no shows.

  5. Have two-way chats with customers and prospects to provide them with exceptional service.

  6. Get valuable feedback from them automatically.

  7. Make it fun for customers to do business with you by offering contests.

  8. Replace your paper loyalty program (if you have one) with an electronic system to encourage your customers to visit your place or order online more often. They can sign up by text or on a special webpage and check their points easily.

  9. Make a QR (Quick Response) code that your prospects and customers can scan with their cell phones to get your contact details. It’s 2018, so replace your paper business cards with a virtual one that your customers can carry on their mobile phones.

  10. Drive customers to your restaurant, bar, café, pub or online ordering system during slow periods.

  11. Sell the ingredients before they expire to minimize your food wastage.

Which of these benefits do you want to gain?

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Imagine investing just $10-50 on our text-marketing tools per month to generate $100-500 or more in additional income.

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