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  1. You can set up your menu(s), including detailed descriptions, photos, and nutrition info. Your customers can find items by category, product type or search for them quickly and effortlessly, and purchase online or by phone. See sample menu.

    For online ordering (which will be available by August 31, 2018), you’ll pay just $1 per transaction regardless of the amount, saving hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly if you’re using the system provided by Amazon, Grubhub, Delivery, Doordash, Just-Eat, Seamless, Skipthedishes, or some other companies.

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  2. You can promote specials with pictures, videos and countdown timers to compel the highest number of prospects and customers to visit your place or order them online. View sample.

  3. If you accept reservations, you’ll be able to use our reservation system for FREE when it’s available by September 2018. If you’re currently paying $1.00 or more per person to a company for using their reservation system, picture the money you’ll save each month when you can use ours for nothing!

  4. You can showcase your million-dollar plus restaurant beautifully to your customers and prospects using photos and videos, compelling them to have their next meal at your place. Even if you own just a basic eatery business, a lot of them still want to see photos of the interior, exterior, foods and drinks before deciding whether to visit or order online or on the phone. See sample.

  5. Your visitors can see your contact info, hours of operation, and get directions on their mobile devices. View sample.

  6. Your customers (and you and your staff) can upload photos to your listing from their mobile phones when they’re in your restaurant, bar, café, or pub, allowing you to collect thousands of great pictures of your establishment, foods, and drinks fast. See sample.

  7. Your customers can vote and leave reviews and you can respond to them to build a stronger relationship with each person and solve any issues before they get posted on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Zomato, Facebook, or other high-traffic sites where hundreds of potential customers can see. View sample.

  8. Your prospects and customers can communicate with you via email, phone, text (sms) or live chat, which lets you or your staff serve them at the highest level and handle any issues immediately. See sample.

  9. You or your staff can update your menus or any pages on your website quickly and easily even if you and they have little technical skills. And if you want us to do it for you, we charge affordable fees for our services.

  10. Your free website is mobile optimized so it will look good on cell phones, tablets and desktop computers. If your current website isn’t mobile optimized, you may be losing a lot of traffic because Google and other search engines won’t list it near the front of the search results.

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